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Every Rash Cream

Our rash cream was designed for those who suffer from temporary outbreaks of red, bumpy, scaly, or itchy patches of skin, possibly with blisters or welts. We have combined multiple of natural ingredients that will soothe, heal and repair your skin. Healthy skin will be the end result. You will be living in fear less and embracing your beauty.

Every Rash Cream

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    Shea Butter: Contains linoleic, palmitic, stearic, and oleic fatty acids, ingredients that balance oils on your skin. Vitamins A, E, and F, antioxidant vitamins that promote circulation and healthy skin cell growth. Triglycerides, the fatty part of the shea nut that nourishes and conditions your skin. Cetyl esters, the waxy part of the shea nut butter that conditions skin and locks in moisture. Also contains anti-inflammatory properties.


    Cocoa Butter: Contains high leves of fatty acids, also rich in natural plant compounds called phytochemicals. These substances may improve blood flow to the skin and slow skin aging by protecting against damage from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.


    Olive Oil: Has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-aging properties because it is packed with antioxidants and vitamins. 


    Coconut Oil: Contains nourishing fatty acids and antioxidants that help hydrate and protect skin. Natural sunscreen, SPF between 4-5.


    Organic Dried Chamomile: Contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and mild astringents. Promotes wound healing. 


    Sunflower Oil: Contains oleic acid, vitamin E, sesamol and linoleic acid. Sunflower oil is a non-comedogenic carrier oil which is highly absorbent, and won’t clog pores. Also contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


    Calendula Oil: Calendula oil has antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that might make it useful in healing wounds, soothing eczema, and relieving rashs.


    Beeswax: Beeswax can create a protective layer on the skin. It’s also a humectant, which means that it attracts water. Both of these qualities can help the skin stay hydrated. Beeswax is also a natural exfoliator, ideal for sloughing away dead skin cells.

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