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Yoni Herbs

Fearlessly Beautifulll Yoni Herbs is a combination of the best herbs to cleanse, strengthen, tighten and tone the vagina.


Place a handful of herbs into a medium size pot and bring water (spring) to a soft boil for 5 mins. Turn off heat and let it steep for another 5 mins.




If it's too hot allow to cool until it feels comfortable to steam with.


Put some liquid into steam pot that is placed over toilet. Adjust liquid level so it will not touch your body when you sit.


Carefully seat and wrap towels or blanket around the lower part of your body to retain the steam.


One round of steaming usually takes about 8-12 mins, replace the liquid and repeat as desired.


When your done, gently pat yourself with a clean, soft towel or toilet paper.


Empty the steam pot, wash , let it dry and store until future use.

Can also be brewed as a tea!


**Recommended to cleanse with Fearlessly Beautifulll Pink Roses Yoni Bar Soap & lubricate with Yoni Oil **

Yoni Herbs

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    Rosemary leaves


    Basil Leaves

    Rose Buds



    Calendula Flower

    Raspberry Leaves


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